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Pura Vida's Testimonials

Pura Vida Yoga has had an impact on my ability to recenter and refocus my energy on what is truly important in my life. It has reignited a fire within that motivates me to be the best version of myself.

Amber A.

Perryville, MD

Becky has the rare ability to connect with people on truly real and totally genuine level. She is able to make people feel truly loved. Even through someone's individual insecurities, Becky has the gift of loving and encouraging others just as they are, while pressing them on to live beyond their own preconceived limits of themselves.

Erin H.

Perryville, MD

Since working with Pura Vida my fitness has improved greatly and I am a happier and more motivated person in life. I am now running 5K, 10Ks and doing things that were unthinkable before I met Becky. I even got promoted at work recently.

Lane G.

Bel Air, MD

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